London’s Bridge Leads to Nutrition

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Posted by on December 07, 2014

When London Fletcher isn’t tackling opponents on the field, he can sometimes be found helping kids tackle problems off the field. 

Yesterday, the 2010 Redskins Community Service Award winner teamed up with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Kraft Foods to help teach kids about healthy eating.

Fletcher, an Ohio native, started his foundation “London’s Bridge” in 2003 while he was a member of the Buffalo Bills.  His motivation is giving back, and his method is simple: “London stands ready to serve anyone in need.”

Yesterday, his foundation chose 25 students from MacFarland Middle School in Northwest Washington D.C. to participate in their 2011 kickoff event.  London and the “brigades” of children first visited Sen. Brown’s office, before walking over to the Capitol Visitor’s Center for a luncheon.

During the luncheon Senator Brown, Fletcher, and a handful of mentors offered the kids a bit of advice to help them set and achieve their goals in life.

“It’s not a failure if you don’t make it,” Fletcher told the students. “It’s a failure if you don’t try.”

After a short discussion the of nutrition, the group broke for a healthy lunch that consisted of turkey burgers, fruit, salad, and sweet potato fries.  After lunch, Kraft Director of Public Affairs Tami Buckner, and nutritionist Vicki Stencel taught the students about a nutrition table designed by the U.S.D.A., called “My Plate,” which informed them about making better food choices

Kraft Foods gave each student a $25 gift certificate to Harris Teeter, where they were taken to participate in a scavenger hunt for healthy food items.

I was not invited, as I would have been out of bounds in the chips aisle.

Fletcher stressed that the luncheon was about “introducing the kids to healthy eating habits, trying to fight obesity, and trying to get them out and playing 60 minutes a day.

“Just making healthy choices from their food options, whether it’s a healthy snack, or a balanced meal so they can have longer, healthier and more prosperous lives.”

I think that’s a goal that anyone can agree with.

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