Bridging the gap to the future

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Posted by on January 18, 2015

For the past eight years, my foundation, "London’s Bridge," has been building a bridge to our future by addressing the inequities facing underprivileged and underrepresented children through mentoring and charitable giving programs.

Specifically, we aspire to build standards of health and fitness, education, leadership and teamwork while instilling values of volunteerism and philanthropy for students in Buffalo, Cleveland, Charlotte and Washington, D.C. While we tackle these issues with a variety of outreach initiatives, two of our most celebrated programs fall perfectly in step with Together Counts’ mission, including training camps and the London’s Brigade.

During training camp, London’s Bridge brings the children of fallen military soldiers to a team practice at Redskins Park. Before practice, we host a 60 minute workout and a healthy lunch in conjunction with NFL Play 60. During the workout children receive fitness tips and learn various workout moves that professionals use to get in shape for the football season. After the workout, the kids are taught about nutrition and are treated to a balanced lunch before heading to the official team practice. Once at the team practice, my teammates and I show students the role that fitness can play in their adult lives.

Additionally, each year my foundation hosts a mentoring program called, London’s Brigade, benefitting students attending MacFarland Middle School in Washington, DC. The goal is to show students that fitness can be fun and rewarding, and we do that by teaching them creative ways to get their 60 minutes of physical activity. One of our activities included learning how to read nutrition labels from Vicky Stencel of Kraft Foods. The afternoon with Stencel quickly turned interactive when the Brigade was sent on a scavenger hunt at Harris Teeter to find some of the foods discussed during the session. These engaging activities helped students to learn more about healthy living outside the classroom.

By engaging students in programming aimed to promote healthy lifestyles, we in turn strengthen youth, families and communities.

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